Client testimonials

Since the beginning of our series IIMS (International Innovative Mining Symposium) in 2017 they had been treated with the utmost care and attention. EDP Sciences members always replied in a moment to our e-mails and helped to solve any problems we faced during our Symposium papers publishing. We are grateful to E3S Web of Conferences for simple and clear guidance, communicable editors and fast indexing in Scopus and Web of Science databases. We hope to continue our cooperation in all our upcoming events.

Sergey Zhironkin , T.F. Gorbachev Kuzbass State Technical University, Russia
On behalf of the IIMS 2018 committee E3S Web of Conferences vol. 41 (2018)

We were glad to cooperate with you. We liked the clarity and operativity. We hope to continue our cooperation next year.

A. Grebneva, Laboratory of Pipeline and Hydraulic Systems, Russia
On behalf of the MMMAOSDPHS 2018 committee, E3S Web of Conferences vol. 39 (2018)

I really appreciate our excellent co-operation and fully professional staff of EDP Sciences. I hope that the co-operation will be continued in the nearest future.

Janusz P. Kogut, Cracow University of Technology, Kraków, Poland
Guest-editor of BIG 2018 E3S Web of Conferences vol. 36 (2018)

Since the beginning, the members of EDP Sciences always responded to our emails immediately, as well as provided solutions to the problems we face. This makes the publication stages so much easier. Hopefully, we can deal with you again this year in 3rd ICENIS Conference.

Sudarno Utomo, Universitas Diponegoro, Semarang, Indonesia
Chair, Organizing Committee of E3S web of Conferences vol. 31 (2018)

Excellent job, everything good, very informative and clear. Very fast response to any our question. Thanks! We hope to deal with you again next year!

Nikolai I. Voropai, Energy Systems Institute, Russia
Editor of E3S Web of Conferences vol. 25 (2017)

Our team has decided for the first time to collaborate with EDP SCIENCES to publish short conference texts in the open access form, indexed in major databases. We were pleasantly surprised that the agreement was finished quickly and clearly ahead of schedule. The papers have been published very shortly in time, less than 2 weeks. In a preparing stage, we were glad of easy and quick communications. Basing on this experience, we have not hesitated to continue collaboration with the EDP SCIENCES.

Zenon Pilecki, The Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute, Poland
Editor of E3S Web of Conferences vol. 23 (2017)

We heartly express our immense gratitude to EDP Sciences and Isaline Augusto personally. Publishing the papers of the First and the Second Innovative Mining Symposiums with E3S Web of Conferences appeared to be beyond our expectations. We also would like to extend thanks to the members of EDP Sciences Isabelle Houlbert and Catherine Nissen for their utmost attitude to our issues and questions.

Sergey Zhironkin, National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia
Editor of E3S Web of Conferences vol. 21 (2017)

We are grateful to E3S Web of Conferences Publishing House for cooperation. We appreciate the easy and fast contact. The collaboration proceeded amicably. The guidelines were clear and what is important and the materials have been published rapidly. We highly recommend the E3S Web of Conferences Publishing House

Bartosz Kaźmierczak, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland
Editor of E3S Web of Conferences vol. 17 (2017)

We have been very satisfied with your publishing professionalise, your proactivity and your prompt response to the questions we raised.

Narimane Brahimi, ESTEC, The Netherlands
On behalf of the ESPC 2016 committee, E3S Web of Conferences vol. 16 (2017)

I submitted proceedings from a small wind-energy-related conference to the E3S Web of Conferences. From the start, I have been highly impressed by the whole publishing experience, which I found streamlined and efficient. The online resources for authors and conference organizers are comprehensive yet succinct. The Word and LaTeX templates are clean and easy to use. And, finally, the EDP Sciences staff members are very helpful, promptly answering questions and providing the relevant information throughout the publishing process.

Matthew J. Churchfield, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA
Editor E3S Web of Conferences vol.5 (2015)