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Volume 4 (2014)

i-DUST 2014 – Inter-Disciplinary Underground Science & Technology

Apt, France, May 5–7, 2014
P. Febvre, E. Pozzo di Borgo and K. Coulié-Castellani (Eds.)

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Statement of Peer Review


Rare Events Physics

Couplings: Solid Earth, Atmosphere and Near Universe

i-Dust 2012 – Apt (France) – May 9–11, 2012

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Geophysical investigation at the LSBB 04001

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Imaging the LSBB environment form GPR Data, along the tunnet and from the surface 04002

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Observation of lightning-induced signals on the summit of La Grande Montagne: Part 2 Interferometry and VLF Measurements 04003