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Volume 282 (2021)

International Conference “Ensuring Food Security in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic” (EFSC2021)

Doushanbe, Republic of Tadjikistan, March 29-31, 2021
O. Loretts, O. Nazarova, M. Karpukhin, V. Kukhar and A. Ruchkin (Eds.)

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Statement of Peer review

Providing the Population with High-Quality and Safe Food Products

Production of Agricultural Products, Raw Materials and Food that Meet Environmental, Sanitary-Epidemiological, Veterinary and Other Standards

Development of Livestock Breeding, Plant Breeding, Seed Production and Aquaculture

Development of Production of Compound Feeds, Feed Additives for Animals, Medicines for Veterinary Use, Mineral Additives

Increasing the Fertility of Agricultural Land, Protecting Agricultural Land from Erosion and Desertification

Improvement of Technical Regulation, Sanitary-Epidemiological, Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision, Control in the Field of Food Safety for Human Health

Creation of a High-Performance Sector in Agriculture, Developing on the Basis of Modern Technologies

Training of Specialists for Agriculture, Fisheries, as Well as the Food and Processing Industry